Blu-ray Jukebox Models

We have been in the business of supplying optical jukeboxes for the past 15 years and Blu-ray jukeboxes since the technology was invented and work with all the major manufacturers.  In addition to Blu-ray jukeboxes, we supply desktop solutions for people and companies on a smaller budget.






Connectivity options

A jukebox can connect to a wide variety of hosts.

  • NAS – Network Attached Storage
  • iSCSI
  • Fibre Channel
  • USB
  • SAS

Blu-ray jukebox sizes

The current available media for use in  a Blu-ray jukebox is 25/50 or 100GB.  The jukebox sizes can start from as little as 10 slots rising to 3,360 BD discs!  Based on this a jukebox with 3,360 slots would hold 336TB’s.  In fairness most people choose to purchase a 100 or 300 slot jukebox.  For a complete list of specifications and models please call us regarding your requirement.


A Blu-ray jukebox is the most reliable form of archival data storage technology currently available as the jukebox has a few moving parts and the media is not physically touched by the R/W head.  Some of the jukeboxes can handle over 5,000,000 BD disc imports and before parts need replacing.


A jukebox can be attached to a server or in most instances today sold as a complete standalone NAS with multiple shares created for archiving data.  The jukebox software fully integrates with Windows Active Directory to control who can write data to the shared folders.  When a pre-set flag is reached the data is automatically written to BD media.