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PoINT Software – The Complete Data Management Solution

PoINT software provides a complete suite of software products for the “Storage & Archiving”, “On-Demand Publishing & Duplication” and “optical tool-kit”. The poINT Software product portfolio includes network-wide storage solutions, the various storage systems and even been able to integrate existing hardware (memory consolidation), solution for recording and duplication of CD, DVD and Blu-ray media and solutions for professional audio and video recording.

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About PoINT Software

PoINT Software & Systems specialises in the development of software products and system solutions for storage and management of data using all available mass storage devices such as hard disks, magnetic tapes and optical media. The close collaboration with our technology partners enables an early support of new storage technologies. Besides these complete solutions we offer our know-how in the form of tool-kits that can be easily integrated into other applications programming interfaces. In addition, we configure complete memory solutions, and stand with our long and varied experience.

PoINT Storage Manager – tiered storage and archiving

The PoINT Storage Manager is a smart, technology-independent storage management solution. Based on rules defined data in a tiered storage Archiktektur be automated to the appropriate storage tier migrated. In this multi-tiered storage architecture different storage technologies can be integrated (hard disk, tape, optical, cloud). Other features include file virtualization, data protection, data security, etc.

PoINT Archiver – HSM and Archiving

The PoINT Archiver enables network-wide, automated file archiving in a two-tier storage architecture (HSM architecture). The user defines rules by which the software archived, migrated or deletes the files, in addition, the user defines to which media (tape or optical media), the data to be written.

PoINT Jukebox Manager – File System for Optical

The PoINT Jukebox Manager offers a solution for secure data storage on optical media jukeboxes as well as individual drives, including automated media monitoring. A high data availability is ensured by media copy, mirroring and clustering.

PoINT FSX – File System for Optical (Linux)

PoINT FSX was developed specifically for the integration and control of optical jukeboxes in a mixed Linux network and provides transparent access (via the file system) to the large storage capacity of the CD / DVD, MO, UDO and BD jukeboxes.

PoINT Publisher NG – On-Demand Publishing Software

The PoINT Publisher NG is the new generation of publishing software (successor of PoINT Publishers) for the professional production of printed CD / DVD / BD. The software supports current production systems. The media production can be controlled by Windows and Web clients, and integrate via a programming interface or the Event Controlled Recording into existing workflows and applications.