Data Protection and Security

Data Protection

A versatile protection and adequate protection of the data is necessary both for sensitive data, as well as to meet compliance requirements today. Despite complex internal company infrastructure that enables PoINT Storage Manager, a rule-based and network-wide data protection (Data Protection).

The automated and transparent for user data replication provides redundant passing the data to the configured storage systems. In this way, prevents data loss. Another component, and a component of the Data Protection is the parallel use of different storage technologies with their specific advantages.

The properties of the three-level tiered storage architecture allow the use of removable media and integration of cloud storage so that a spatially separate “off-site” storage extends the protection of data protection.


Data Security

Of course next to the Data Protection Data Security plays a central role in the handling of corporate data. The use of an on CBC and AES256 encryption method based on block-level represents the base and is extended by the ability to encrypt the storage configuration with an individual “Encryption Key”.

Part of the data security is the function of the data authenticity. This is based on a SHA-1 standard and allows an automatic calculation of the hash value to check the authenticity of data to identify possible manipulation of archived data.