File Virtualisation

The PoINT Storage Manager manages a central storage peripherals of different technologies (hard disk, tape, optical, cloud), in which the access via a standard Windows CIFS interface is enabled. Through the use of file virtualisation, a form of storage virtualisation, more efficient use of storage infrastructure is reached.

The file virtualization is the basis for the use of storage tiering into the storage infrastructure. The automatic moving / copying of data within the tiered storage structure is linked to individually specified policies. The managed data can be stored according to their individual needs and the use of file virtualization on the available memory. Better compliance with statutory and company policy compliance can also lead to a more efficient use of free storage.

Hardware-specific adjustments are not required by the file virtualization, enabling migration of additional storage systems without requiring changes to be made in the affected applications.

The resulting flexibility and efficient use of file virtualisation enables easier compliance of the IT budget, despite increasing demands on the memory capacity. In part, even a reduction in operating costs through the strategic use of different storage technologies and file virtualisation feasible.