Off-line media management

The advantages of tape and optical media as a change to the off-line media management PoINT Archiver completely usable. Off-line media are managed in the internal database so that an administrator can determine at any time, regardless of the media which are archived data. Also made ​​possible by the integrated search function to locate files and file versions.

Reduction of energy costs

An off-line media management or cause to use very low energy cost compared with hard disk systems. By archiving data to tape and optical energy costs can be significantly reduced. Also, the discharge of the primary storage systems means energy savings, as a primary storage expansion, which in turn requires additional energy can be avoided or at a much later date is necessary.

Minimise risk of data loss

The use of removable media enables easy creation of copies and the safe storage of media in different places. As a result, the risk of data loss are significantly reduced. Security can be further increased by PoINT Archiver when to archive different storage technologies (eg, tape and optical) are used in parallel.