Cloud Storage

The flexible properties of the PoINT Storage Manager Automated tiered storage architecture used allow targeted use of cloud storage. The integration into the storage infrastructure via a standard file system, and is thus easy to perform.
Integration of a private cloud in the capacity tier enables not only migration of inactive data, the use and benefits of a scalable auxiliary memory. By the storage virtualization within the (private) cloud storage power peaks can individual divisions, departments or applications are intercepted or balanced.

The use of a public cloud storage services (via a cloud storage provider) provides, in principle, to the archiving archive tier. Another use replication can be locally archived data to achieve increased reliability.

Additional safety data obtained PoINT Storage Manger by an authentication of the data. Manipulation and other abuses remain undetected. The use of AES25 and CBC encryption method based on block-level ensures additional protection for the data.

The Automated tiered storage architecture offers customers the possibility of a hybrid cloud storage infrastructure (combination of public / private cloud storage and traditional storage technologies) in order to specifically benefit of the respective advantages and achieve a memory optimisation.