PoINT Archiver Software

PoINT Archiver HSM & Archiving

All companies that centrally manage their store increasingly have two fundamental problems:

  1. The costly primary storage systems are running with fully unstructured data that are rarely or no longer used.
  2. Legally required archiving requirements electronically generated data are not or only insufficiently met.

Point Archiver SoftwareThe permanent storage of all data on the primary hard disk systems that must be continuously expanded, is indeed obvious, but is not a permanent solution for this problem area.

A reasonable solution is obtained by the displacement and long-term storage of infrequently or no longer used data to an alternative secondary storage systems with the goal of archiving, for which removable media such as tape and optical are particularly well suited.

PoINT Archiver implements this approach by automating data to be archived by HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management) approach to secondary storage displaced and consequently relieves the primary storage. The main advantage of this implementation is based on the fact that access to the archived data that is more transparent via the file system of primary and memory.


  • HSM with tape and optical (Hierarchical Storage Management)
  • Rule-based file archiving
  • File authentication
  • Coding
  • File Replication
  • Off-line media management

Advantages and Benefits

  • Effective use of primary memory
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Optimize the backup process
  • Reduction of energy costs
  • Reduce risk of data loss
  • Optimised cost-benefit ratio

pdf PoINT Archiver Software Datasheet