Transparent Data Migration

Transparent Data Migration Using PoINT Storage Manager

A challenge in the management of the IT infrastructure, the detachment and migration of legacy storage systems dar. This occurs both through the exchange on new memory technologies, as well as by the retention requirements (compliance) of certain data. Another additional challenge is the growing amount of data to be considered and the resulting capacity requirements.


PoINT VFS as an integral part of PoINT Storage Manager legacy systems (eg MO / WORM jukeboxes) and new storage systems can be integrated into a consolidated storage solution. The files of the old storage system remain during data migration access to the file system and then transferred seamlessly in the background to the new storage system. This transparent scenario allows uninterrupted operation of the application even during the data migration and unnecessary re-configurations.

Support the continuation of overpriced contracts, with the sole purpose of keeping alive outdated hardware is prevented. The tiered storage architecture can be implemented using the transparent data migration to take advantage of hardware-based components in order to achieve an optimal solution for the user.

Migrating to NetApp FAS storage

The migration of obsolete storage devices or those that are no longer available (“legacy” memory systems) under Support provides IT departments with special challenges. These systems are intended to be as automated as possible and without significant interruption in the operation of modern IT systems, such as NetApp FAS migrated.


PoINT Storage Manager meets this requirement and support the migration of legacy storage systems, such as CAS systems, or UDO Jukeboxes old tape libraries on NetApp FAS systems. It also NetApp Data ONTAP specific properties such as SnapLock WORM be particularly involved and transfer and retention period settings to be detached from the system on the NetApp FAS system.


  • Automatic file transfer system
  • Acquisition or maintenance of metadata, such as permissions, WORM attributes Retention Periods
  • Transparent migration file system access during data transfer
  • Optional re-use of legacy storage