HSM with tape and optical

The PoINT Archiver implemented a transparent displacement of files for both Windows NTFS based storage systems and NetApp FAS systems. By using so-called links directory entries remain on the primary storage system while the file contents are displaced to the archive store. By this method, the expensive primary storage is relieved, but the original file system structure remains intact. When you access a file that is read automatically displaced by PoINT Archiver from the archive storage and delivered to the application. As a secondary storage supports PoINT Archiver Tape and Optical-based systems of different classes of devices (single drives, loaders, libraries).


Effective use of primary memory

The automatic paging (“transparent migration”) of the archival data provides a relief of the primary storage systems, which can thus be used more efficiently. Expensive extensions are rarely necessary, and the available capacity is used optimally for the active data.

Optimise the backup process

The backup to back up the primary storage volume is significantly reduced, since for archive only the directory entry must be secured. The backup and signal the need to retrieval can be performed much faster. Furthermore, backup media or backup storage space can be saved.