Blu-ray white papers

Blu-ray White papers on the technology

Here, you can download a wide selection of technical Blu-ray White papers prepared by the various Technical Working Groups of the Blu-ray Disc Association. These cover a wide range of topics, including physical specifications, file format, logical and application specifications and much more. The white papers will address the entire family of Blu-ray Disc formats, including BD Recordable, BD Rewritable and BD ROM.

Fortuna PS White Paper

How do we archive our digital data?

General Blu-ray Disc format

  1.  White Paper: Blu-ray Disc Format – General
  2.  White Paper: Blu-ray Disc Format – Key Technologies
  3.  White Paper: Blu-ray Disc Format – File System Specifications

BD RE (Blu-ray Disc Rewritable)

  1.  White Paper: BD RE – Physical Format Specifications (2nd Edition, February 2006)
  2.  White Paper: BD RE – Logical and Audio Visual Application Format Specifications

BD R (Blu-ray Disc Recordable)

  1.  White Paper: BD R – Physical Specifications (February 2006)

BD ROM (Blu-ray Disc ROM / Video Distribution Format)

  1.  White Paper: BD ROM – Audio Visual Appliation Format Specifications (Update: March 2005)
  2.  White Paper: BD ROM – Physical Format Specifications (November 2005)

Blu-ray Technology

  1.  White Paper: Blu Ray Jukebox Information
  2.  TuV Green Storage Certification: TuV Approval Certificate

Application Definition Blu-ray Disc Format

  1.  White Paper: BD-J Baseline Application and Logical Model Definition for BD-ROM


  1.  White Paper: UDF Blu Ray format specifications

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