Transparent File System

Transparent file system access

PoINT Jukebox Manager provides a native Windows file system on the Windows server representing the optical jukebox. This file system or even single sub directories (including required access permissions) can be enabled within the local area network as CIFS share.


Protect your Investment

The standardised file system (UDF) used by PoINT Jukebox Manager can be read by almost all current operating systems (Windows, Linux, UNIX). In addition, the “File System Plug-In” option allows the integration of media generated with software products of other manufacturers in a proprietary file system format. A storage system based on PoINT Jukebox Manager is independent of software and hardware manufacturers and therefore offers a comprehensive protection of your investment.

Easy Integration

Thanks to PoINT Jukebox Manager, the integration of optical storage into an existing IT infrastructure is a simple and straightforward process. A drive letter is generated on the jukebox server, representing the complex storage hierarchy. The complete file system or single subdirectories can be shared independently through the network by using the standard Windows sharing and permission mechanisms.

Even specific requirements of dedicated applications can be fulfilled by PoINT Jukebox Manager. The straight forward integration and perfect interaction of this solution are approved by the corresponding manufacturers’ certificates.