Advanced Functionality

In addition to the properties described below agents and optional functions can be selected:

  • PoINT NetApp FAS Agent (NetApp migration)

PoINT NetApp FAS Agent of PoINT Storage Manager performs a transparent outsourcing of files through to configurable rules. Here, from the NetApp FAS system paged files, replaced by so-called “stubs” (references) and PoINT Storage Manager on the second level storage such as a Blu-ray Disc (BD) Jukebox stored safely. This concept meets the particular “single path” requirement, so no changes are required in the applications.

  • TAFS Agent PoINT

PoINT TAFS Agent offers the possibility existing primary storage systems in the tiered storage architecture such as the purpose of data migration or to hedge integrate.

  • Clustering

The clustering option of PoINT Storage Manager supports the Microsoft Cluster Service (MSCS) and thus allows for automatic server failover in the event of a server node. The operability of the managed storage system is thus maintained even when a server failure.