PoINT Storage Manager Software

PoINT Storage Manager – Storage Tiering and Archiving

The continual growth of requirements for storage solutions in performance, availability and capacity is accompanied by high cost pressure. PoINT Storage Manager reduces the cost of acquisition and operation by maintaining a combination of different storage technologies in a tiered storage architecture.Point Storage Manager Software

The optimisation of the storage resources and their flexible integration into a multi-vendor storage infrastructure implementing various technologies present a viable alternative to the cost intensive storage expansion of primary storage facing the specific requirements of today’s  industry.

The value of data and information is changing over time resulting in changing requirements for the corresponding storage hardware. Usually data can be moved from the primary storage to the next tier already after 30 days and can be archived after additional 60 days. The three-layer storage architecture reflects optimally the lifecycle of information and stores data with the storage technology best suited for the corresponding cycle. Only one third of all data is active and requires the performance of primary storage.

Within the concepts of automated storage tiering an efficient and effective data administration and use of the available storage capacity can be achieved by individually created polices. In addition compliance imposed by company requirements and law can be fulfilled.

Beyond that PoINT Storage Manager decreases also backup and recovery times and therefore cuts down corresponding cost by integrated replication and archiving functions. Additional savings can be achieved with automated storage tiering by workflow optimization which finally results in a reduced personnel expenditure.

Replacement of obsolete storage systems, which is quite often very expensive, as well as their integration into a new storage environment (storage consolidation) is an integral part of this “software only” solution. Therefore future migration cost can be reduced or even avoided at this stage.


PoINT Storage Manager is a universal storage management software solution supporting an automated tiered storage architecture which incorporates the capabilities and advantaged of different storage technologies.

The software provides a solution for automated and secure long term archiving of data which are stored in a company’s IT infrastructure.

In addition the product was especially designed for the seam-less data migration from obsolete “legacy” storage systems to new systems with state-of-the-art technologies.


  • Automated Storage Tiering
  • Long-term Archiving incl. Retention Management
  • Transparent Migration
  • File Virtualization
  • Data Protection & Security
  • Cloud Storage

Benefits and Advantages

  • Efficient use of expensive primary storage by migration of inactive data (Data Migration)
  • Instant and homogeneous access to all data
  • Reduced management efforts thanks to automated processes (Automated Storage Tiering)
  • Uninterrupted use of applications
  • Cost and time saving by reduced backup data volumes
  • Fulfillment of compliance demands
  • No additional software required for integration of tape and optical

pdf PoINT Storage Manager Datasheet