File Archiving

In connection with the realised HSM architecture and the associated displacement of the data provides PoINT Archiver also a rule-based long-term archiving (file archiving). Data, which are displaced to secondary storage can be further protected against modifications.
This protection also includes the file system level of primary storage on by – protected files in the primary storage system against deletion or modification by users and applications – depending on configured rules. As part of the long-term archiving PoINT Archiver also manages different versions of a file so that changes to files can be tracked over the archived file versions.


Meet compliance requirements

Every company has to meet different requirements and laws concerning a rule-and law-compliant archiving its data. By PoINT Archiver these compliance requirements can, in conjunction with appropriate archive storage hardware be efficiently met.

Increase the business success

Archiving must not necessarily be regarded as a necessary duty. Archived data are in general also provide valuable information for the business and can help to improve the business, if they are accessible. Exactly this access PoINT Archiver ready on the primary storage system and helps so that important information can be found and promptly available, if needed.