Blu-ray Jukebox Archiving Solutions

Blu-ray jukebox configurations

Blu-ray jukeboxes are available in multiple configurations, including "MixedMedia" options that provide for both DVD and Blu-ray media or even drives in the same jukebox. MixedMedia jukeboxes enable the easiest and most cost-effective migration path to Blu-ray for optical storage users. Many current optical storage customers are looking at alternative technologies for their data archive storage needs. The Blu-ray jukebox comes at a key time when government regulations and company requirements are requiring longer and longer archive retention periods, proof of authenticity as well as fast access to archived files. A Blu-ray jukebox is ideal for companies looking for higher capacity and faster access times at the lowest total cost of ownership.

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Tiered Storage & How It Works

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Archival Data Management Software

Archival Data Management Software can be used to create a tiered storage solution that seamlessly migrates data from storage pools including, SSD, hard disk, tape and Blu-ray!
Storing data on Blu-ray is the most energy efficient technology that isn't reliant on software.